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Casey Brothers
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Jim Casey on the left and Dan Casey on the right getting a snowball ready to throw.

The most recent additions to the Casey Brothers collection are these two Town Wagon Power Wagon's owned by Dan Casey

Jim Casey showing off the clearance.

Nice old hood ornament and getting very hard to find.

Jim Casey sitting in front of the truck he wishes he never sold.

This 1960 had factory flaired front fenders that extended down below the body.

This is now the Johnny Burrito - Burrito Wagon purchased from Dan Casey

Both of these saw duty in California Law Enforcement

1966 Dodge Power Wagon W-500, 2 ton dually, formerly a Fremont, CA Police Department "Mobile Field Headquarters" vechicle which they purchased new in Nov. 1966.
Owned by Jim Casey

This beauty was purchased new as a school bus and later bought by Barry Holt. He sold it around 1995 to a mining company in Alaska.

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