Mayor N. Pelham James Rielly 450
Mayor N. Pelham James Rielly bk 450
Police Comm Elmira 450
Bronk Co Probation Court 450
Monticello Chief 450
Supreme Court 2nd Probation 450
New Rochelle Clerk Health Board 450
New Rochelle Sgt 2 450
New Rochelle Sgt bk 450
New Rochelle Clerk Health Board bk 450
NY City Dep Sheriff 163 450
NY City Dep Sheriff 163 bk 450
Oneida Co Undersheriff 450
Oneida Co Undersheriff bk 450
Queens Co. Geo Kroder 450
Queens Co. Geo Kroder bk 450
Monticello Chief bk 450
Sheriff Saratoga Co 450
Sheriff Saratoga Co bk 450

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April 2021

Scott Co Sheriff McArthur 450
Scott Co Sheriff McArthur bk 450
Burlington Chief of Police 10k gold.
Burlington Chief of Police H.H.S. 12-25-20
D.C. 6 district 450
D.C. 6 district bk 450
Del Rey Oaks Chief 450
Del Rey Oaks Chief bk 450
Elmira Police Comm bk 450
Surgeon Metropolitan 1 450
Surgeon Metropolitan 450
Capt of Det Phila 450
Capt of Det Phila bk 450
Androscoggin Co DS  450
Androscoggin Co DS bk 450
10k gold presentation badge - Deputy Sheriff Frampton
D. W. Frampton Huntington, W. Va. January 1, 1913.  Hallmarked W Co.
Oakland Police Sergeant 297, sterling silver, made by Ed Jones & Co. Oaklalnd.
San Francisco Police 14k gold Inspector badge 152 made by Irvine & Jachens S. F.
Santa Cruz PD 15 450
Fresno PD sterling badge No. 45 made by L.A.S. & S. Co. dated Jul 38.
Fresno PD sterling badge No. 45 Jul 38  obverse.
Yuba Co Deputy Sheriff badge No. 61 made by Entenmann Los Angeles.
N. S. G. W. Los Angeles California badge, made by Los Angeles Rubber Stamp Co. Los Angeles.
Engraved Sacramento Sergeant of Police #21 badge, Gold Front, Circa 1940.
14k gold Lake County, IN Deputy Sheriff badge.  Hand engraved surmounted by an eagle with a red stone in the chest.  Lettering done in Black reverse enamel.
RDG tie clasp that came with the badge and was in the same jewelry box.  Researching.
14k gold San Francisco Police Lieutenant star No. 263, made by Irvine & Jachens and dated 12-9-29.
This Brooklyn Park Police Sergeants badge is an example of the badges worn by the officers patrolling the 526 acre Prospect Park. The park's police force was established in 1866. According to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle its mission was "to guard the property now on the ground, and hereafter promote the observance of the peace and respect for the improvements when the Park shall become a public resort."  The original force consisted of nine patrolmen, three sergeants, and a captain.  In the following photo from 195, patrolman John O'Hara warns Donald Boa of the dangers from skating on Prospect Park Lake.

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