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Police Badge Displays
1867 Toledo Metropolitan Police badge.
1848 New York City Alderman Police badge.
Terre Haute 14k gold presentation badge to Black officer
Los Angeles Sheriff badge #118, sterling.
14k gold St. P. Fire badge.
San Francisco Police badge #1127.
Captain of Detective badge.
Los Angeles & Salt Lake RR badge.
Honolulu Police badge 28.
San Francisco Sheriff Mounted badge.
San Francisco Police badge #1187.
Calif. State Fire Warden sterling badge.
Calif State F&G Captain sterling badge.
Baltimore Captain Badge Northwester District
L.A.P.D. Series 2 Captain Presentation badge.
14k gold San Jose Police Captain Hertell badge.
Charles J. McCoy Marysville, CA police badge.
Sacramento Police Badges page 1 updated
San Francisco Police Badges page 1 updated
Oakland Police badges page 1 updated
14k Gold Captain Moriarty badge, San Diego Police
Oakland Police Sergeant 382, sterling silver. 1945
Culver City, CA Lieutenant Police Badge.
1851 Philadelphia 2nd issue Sgt. badge.
San Francisco Police badge 353.  Sterling.
Chicago 2nd issue badge, circa 1889.
1st issue Richmond, VA police badge.
1st issue Cleveland, OH police badge.
3rd issue Philadelphia 1st District police badge.
Inspector Police badge, sterling and hand engraved.
Seattle Lieutenant Detective Police Badge #136, sterling.
San Bernardino Police Reserve badge. Diamond shape.
Santa Monica Police Lifeguard badge.
Washington DC 1st issue badge #12.
1888 Sheriff badge Hamilton Co. Tennessee.
Burbank Police badge.
Upland Police badge.
L.A.P.D Series 3 badges 14 and 68.
Santa Rosa Police Badge, sterling silver.
UC Police Sergeant badge, sterling silver.

NYPD Detective Shield 14k presentation.
San Francisco Police 14k presentation badge USA
North Sacramento Police badges and patch. New page.
City Marshal badge, Hillsboro, OH, sterling silver.
Oakland Police Sergeant 382, sterling silver. 1943
S.F.P.D. sterling badges, U.S. Army and U.S. Navy.
Sheriff G. W. Garrison Oklahoma Co.   New Page.
Humane Officer and Animal Control badges. New Page.
Seattle Police Badge 139.
Council Bluffs Iowa City Marshal badge
Newton Police badge
Cleveland Superintendent of Police presentation badge.
Captain of the Watch badge.
Providence Lt. and Sgt. badges.
Pinkerton Capt. and bottle cap badges.
Early Philadelphia Detective Badge

Police Badge Displays

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Philadelphia Police Detective badge.
Baltimore Captain BADGE